Ready for 2018

Well, suddenly its next year. Am i prepared for this year? Well, I have a planner…otherwise, not really. I’d gone through over and over in my head over the years […]

Coming Back

Hello! It’s been a long time….two years infact, since this blog was last updated. Since then, a lot has happened. Back then, the blog and the holistic therapy stuff had started to take […]

Project Fence

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but Stage 1 of Project Fence is complete! Having a really long garden is great, except for the whole thing of uh, fencing […]

The Great Spring Clean

It’s getting to that time again… I wanted to make one big list of things to do, so that I can either spend a couple of days blasting through it, […]

Making Sourdough

Mmm, sourdough bread is the business. Especially coated in cream cheese. So, I decided to have a whirl at making it. Firstly, I follow Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s recipe for sourdough. This […]

Project Laundry Outhouse

After clearing a bit of space with Project Shed, we had enough room in the outhouse to get the washing machine out of the kitchen. There’s only room in there […]

Life is Interesting…

Well, welcome to 2015! So, things have quickly begun to shift this year into new, exciting, but kinda scary territory! From a few minutes’ time, t’other half will officially be […]