How To Manage Any Form Of House Cleaning With A Baby

Short post today, because I am sleep-deprived (not because of either of the babies either; although the second one noticed I was awake most of the night and proceeded to […]

Four Crystals For The Office

I’ve fallen out with my office a bit. I don’t spend as much time in there as I used to, because of working less and being a full-time SAHM. It’s […]

Getting Started With Reusable Baby Wipes

Following on from my last post about plastic waste, I realised that reusable baby wipes were the next thing to get – after all, I’m already washing nappies so why […]

Reducing Plastic Waste

Reducing the plastic waste our household produces is something I started doing quite a few years back – originally with my eco-friendly cleaning business, because I was throwing away LOADS […]

Ready for 2018

Well, suddenly its next year. Am i prepared for this year? Well, I have a planner…otherwise, not really. I’d gone through over and over in my head over the years […]

Cloth Nappy Starter Kit – A review

Right, I promised a review of my cloth nappy starter kit once I had it – I’ve now been using it for a few months (Rora is 5 months old […]

Kinder To Baby, Kinder To The Planet

A bit of a gap since my last post, but hey, it wasn’t two years this time… Anyway, Lots Of Things have been going on. The main one is baby-shaped […]