Hitting Rock Bottom & Reclaiming Your Personal Power

This is an excerpt from my latest blog post over on Elemental Indigo; I’ll be posting more in the coming weeks 🙂 “Thought he lost everything then he lost a […]

Angel Card Reading Offer…

Tomorrow is my 29th anniversary of causing mild mayhem on this planet. To celebrate this fact, I decided to launch a birthday-celebration-type offer over at Elemental Indigo. From the time […]

Gem Water & Gem Essences

Crystals are wonderful healing tools to work with, but sometimes you may need the healing properties of a stone through ways and means where a rock just cannot deliver! Gem […]

Five Crystals for Writing

No matter who you are or what your genre, anybody who attempts to write will, at some point or another, get the dreaded Writer’s Block. As I appear to have […]

Writer’s Block

I like writing. I have no idea why, because it seems to be one of the hardest things for me to do. I have this inner ‘knowing’ that at least […]

A Basic Crystal Care Kit

I haven’t blathered on about crystals over here at Greener Indigo yet, which is most unlike me. You see, I am rather obsessed with them, and I always have been. […]

Celebrating Summer Solstice

It’s the Summer Solstice this Friday people! (Or if you’re a fellow Pagan, Litha 🙂 Do you mark the occasion? Technically, you’re supposed to either pull an all-nighter or get […]

Baby Steps – Change to a Greener Lifestyle

Well, I am still here! Unfortunately I’ve been sooper dooper busy with the whole moving house malarky so my posts have been suffering! But now I’m back and raring to […]

New Moon WOAH

I had the idea today of writing a fantastically-shaped informative piece which would sit usefully on my blog. However, I have been awake since 03.30 (possibly earlier). It’s now 16.08, […]


I made the final decision to wind down the service side of my cleaning business in the New Year. Since January I’ve been doing a good proportion of it myself; […]