Project Laundry Outhouse

After clearing a bit of space with Project Shed, we had enough room in the outhouse to get the washing machine out of the kitchen. There’s only room in there […]

Life is Interesting…

Well, welcome to 2015! So, things have quickly begun to shift this year into new, exciting, but kinda scary territory! From a few minutes’ time, t’other half will officially be […]

Project Shed

After Project Conifer, we figured we were on a roll and decided to max out the Argos Card with some shed-shaped action. If you too would like to spend an […]

Project Conifer

If you read my last post, you may have noticed that I have a slight issue with the fences in the garden (!) Fear not – Stage One (Project Conifer) […]

To insanity…and beyond!

I’ve been a bit quiet the past few weeks. Shh… Okay, so MAJOR shit (both good and the really nutty kind) is going down at the moment! I’ve had to […]

Pantry Revamp – Making A Blackboard

Back in the first post I did after moving to the new home, I shared a pic of the new pantry I have, which sits just under the top of […]